Diesel   Automotive Repair Specialists


Look no further – you have found your local expert for light-duty diesel service and repairs.



It is our goal at Dagger Performance Diesel to deliver honest and professional Diesel/Gas repair and maintenance services to the people of Calgary and surrounding areas.


Dagger Performance Diesel is a full-service preventive maintenance and repair center that has been performing high quality, guaranteed repairs since 2003.


Our Certified technicians have years of experience and have earned the honor to be called “Specialists” in their area of expertise. Our high-tech diagnostic equipment is what sets us apart from other independent diesel shops. We learned many years ago that skill alone does not qualify a repair shop to be the best, it now takes many thousands of dollars worth of the best computerized equipment specific to the vehicles available today. So, combine the skill of our technicians, computerized diagnostic equipment and our commitment to our customers and you now understand how we can call ourselves “Diesel and Automotive Repair Experts”.


Dagger Performance Diesel is a convenient, professional, ethical service center that is driven by dedication to uncompromising personalized customer service and satisfaction. Our commitment to continuous improvement of both service and product is the road map to our future success.